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Disasters and Hazards Warnings

Disaster Early Warnings for Tornadoes - Lightning Storms - Floods - Wild Fires
Earthquakes - Tsunami -  Chemical - Biological - Industrial - Accidents and Terror Actions


How a few seconds can save your life during a disaster.

How a multi-hazard early warning system can provide those seconds.


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Disaster early warning systems today are either not available or extremely ineffective. The Company was created because disasters cause avoidable and unnecessary death and property damage that could be significantly reduced with effective early warnings.


Our focus is on the important few minutes before the impact of natural and manmade disasters when responses can be taken to minimize damages to people and property. Our goal is to provide early warnings of all hazards to create effective response actions to disasters before impact and dramatically reduce their effects on our lives and property.


The Disaster Warning Network, Inc. seeks to create the world’s first truly effective early warning system for protecting lives and property from the damaging effects of both natural and manmade disasters. It will provide real time early warning alerts in advance of the impact of disasters and hazards such as tornadoes, lightning storms, tsunami,  floods, wild fires and earthquakes. Early warnings will also be given for industrial, chemical, and biological accidents, as well as intentional terrorist actions. Most potential threats to human life and property will be included in the system.


Our Mission   Disasters and hazards warnings and alerts

Our corporate mission is to reduce deaths, injuries, and property damages caused by all natural and manmade disasters. We will do this by providing effective early warnings of these disasters at a very small cost to all persons, businesses, and public locations.


Business Model  

The Disaster Warning Network is based entirely on "Network Economics" and will serve as a "central operating system" aggregating a wide sensor and information network of diverse disaster data sources. The Disaster Early Warning Network will be a wireless communications content provider sending early warnings to subscriber customers over any type of wireless point to multi-point data network. Revenues will be generated by value added subscriber fees from customers, and by licensing/royalty fees generated from product manufacturers licensed to embed products to receive the early warning signals.Hazards alerts for tornadoes, lightning storms, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, and terrorist disasters



Customers potentially include every person, business, and public location that faces danger from some or all of these disasters.


How it works 

 Disaster early warning signals are sent to subscribers in real time in advance of the impact of disasters. The early warning signals (1) provide time for people to take response actions, and (2) initiate a wide variety of automated pre-programmed response actions by devices to mitigate the harmful effects of disasters. The wireless data created by the company is both device and network agnostic and is transmitted:

  • Over any type of wireless point to multi-point data network Early Warnings for earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunami, floods, lightning storms, and fires
       (PCS, 3G, 4G, WiMAX, LTE, satellite, local loop, fixed, digital radio, digital television etc.)
  • To any type of embedded wireless consumer device
       (e.g. cell phones, pagers, smart phones, laptops, TV’s, radios, etc. )
  • To any type of R/F enabled commercial or industrial controller device
       (e.g. data systems, AC systems, elevators, fuel systems, generating plants, CNC arrays, public transport, etc)

The Benefit to our Customers

These early warnings will result in very large reductions in human and property losses caused by natural and manmade disasters.

Disasters and hazards early warning alerts
Disasters and hazards early warning alerts




Floods, fires, tsunami, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and all other disasters occur frequently but are soon forgotten. What is always present is a need for effective early warnings of these disasters to mitigate human and property losses. Governmental bodies and the UN are now finally acknowledging the need for and benefits from disaster early warnings. Just a few of the many are:


See - United Nations' International Strategy for Disaster Hazards Reduction

See - USA - FEMA proposal for National Disaster and Hazard Alert Network

See - European Commission and UN Global Disaster Alert System

See - US Government Subcommittee on Natural Disaster Information Systems


We intend to fill this need and are actively seeking long term capital and strategic technology partners with the goal of creating a world wide delivery system for disaster early warnings. We encourage your participation if you have a long term interest in wireless content delivery or embedded consumer and industrial devices for receipt of warning signals.


See US Patents issued and made available exclusively to the Disaster Warning Network, Inc.

See - USA Patent issued for Disaster Early Warning System and

See - USA Patent issued for Wide Area Disaster Early Warning System


The DWN has a proprietary defensible technology that fills a universal need in a global market. It will create and license a highly scalable valuable content that provides huge opportunities for wireless networks and many types of consumer and industrial devices. It will also generate large revenues, create strong competitive barriers, AND will dramatically reduce losses to lives and property on a global basis. “Doing well and doing good” excites us, and we hope this information has sparked an interest in you.


Disaster warnings and hazards alerts


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