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We desire the universal implementation of the Disaster Warning Network in homes, businesses, and public places, similar to the usage of smoke and fire alarms systems in most modern societies today.

  • These systems have greatly reduced deaths and damages caused by fire. Because of this success, fire and smoke alarm systems became universally mandated by insurers and law more than 35 years ago as the technology became available for inexpensive detection and warning.
  • The Disaster Warning Network will create truly effective disaster early warnings at a very small cost for all kinds of threatening disasters at all times, in all places, and through all kinds of commonly used devices.
  • During disasters, early-warning signals will be sent to a wide variety of embedded devices specifically designed to accept these signals.  Such devices include but are not limited to cell phones, smart phones, PDA's, laptops, televisions, radios, smoke/fire alarms, and many other types of communication or warning devices to produce audible warning alarms.
  • These same warning signals will also generate a large number of pre-programmed automatic responses. Emergency generators will be started, computers inactivated, elevators stopped, traffic lights controlled, gas and fuel lines turned off, along with the initiation of many other automated protective responses.

Disaster early warnings goals

Our goal is to enable large reductions of deaths, injuries, and damages to property as a result of wide-spread adoption of the Disaster Warning Network.


Hazard Early Warning System


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