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The Disaster Warning Network collects disaster information in real time and creates wireless content that will greatly increase safety for people and property during the occurrence of natural and manmade disasters. The Company utilizes wireless communication technologies to provide real time early warning signals to users before the impact of these disasters to reduce human and property losses.


We are seeking equity and strategic partnerships to build the Disaster Warning Network. A complete Business Plan and Executive Summary is available for interested and qualified parties. Contact information is noted below.



The Disaster Warning Network is based entirely on "Network Economics" and will serve as a "central operating system" aggregating a wide sensor and information network of diverse disaster data sources. The Disaster Warning Network is a disaster information aggregator and a wireless content data provider in a business-to-business relationship with wireless data networks and wireless enabled device manufacturers.



The Company seeks to achieve its goal of becoming the major global provider of disaster early warnings by creating a series of strategic partnerships and alliances with wireless data networks, wireless enabled device manufacturers, insurance companies, local/state governmental units, and local media and broadcasters in all areas.

  • Create a compelling value proposition for various data network carriers to encourage usage with their existing and new potential customers.
  • Create a compelling value proposition for manufacturers of a wide variety of devices to be embedded during manufacture with R/F capability to receive early warning signals.
  • Create a compelling value proposition for various insurance companies to provide incentives or mandated usage with their existing customers.
  • Develop a legislative strategy with various local and state governmental bodies to implement mandated usage within all public facilities.
  • Create a sponsorship program with local media and broadcast facilities to foster public awareness of the benefits as well as cooperative usage of available information about available disaster information.


The Company is an information aggregator:

  • It aggregates information from a wide variety of available sensing and reporting sources.
  • It aggregates information about the location and type of device for each of its users.
  • It aggregates information about which users should be notified when a disaster occurs.
  • And it aggregates a wide variety of data carriers to transfer warnings to users.

The Company utilizes these existing technologies:

  • Remote sensing to determine real time location, speed, and direction, of disaster.
  • Pattern analysis software to identify exactly when and where early warnings are to be sent.
  • Localization and GIS databases to determine which users need to receive early warnings.
  • Embedded R/F enabled controller chips in any kind of electrical device.
  • Any type of point to multi-point wireless communications systems.


The Company expects the implementation of this plan will result in substantial numbers of users on a national and global basis.


The Company has a patented technology; first mover advantages; a highly scalable product with low monthly costs and high switching costs for each customer; and will create a de-facto industry standard with a strong legacy base of strategic partners.


Contact Information:

The Disaster Warning Network, Inc

Electronic mail info@disasterwarning.com


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