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Too many lives and too much property are unnecessarily destroyed because of failure to receive early warnings of natural and manmade disasters. 


The Disaster Warning Network has been created simply because it is time to take serious action to reduce unnecessary deaths, injuries, and property losses due to disasters. As a society, we have all of the technology and communication tools necessary to accomplish this goal.


Modern society has responded well to the threat of fires in our homes, offices, and public facilities. We understand the benefits of early warnings and how a combination of human and automated responses can save our lives and reduce damage to our property. 


To protect ourselves against smoke and fire we install sensors, detectors, analyzers, and a wide variety of warning and safety mechanisms in all of our structures. These systems provide early warning alarms and provide a wide range of automated actions such as opening emergency doors, calling 911, turning on smoke venting systems, and turning on emergency lighting. 
The beneficial effects of these actions are clearly seen by all.


The same type of technology tools are available to us today to provide effective early warnings to protect against the ravages of disasters.



As a society we now have the availability and access to a wide range of analog sensing and detection devices which effectively "digitize the physical world around us". Countless government and private organizations have done much valuable work to create all of the tools we presently need to detect in real time the vast majority of physical disaster threats that might threaten societies. Detection is not warning and we need to complete the circle. 



Huge increases in cheap computational power and complex mathematical analytic software tools have been created during the last decade. These same tools have allowed us to develop huge reservoirs of data regarding past natural disasters that allow real time "instantaneous" modeling and analysis of new data obtained from the detection devices. Collecting data will not save lives. We need to turn the data into information that will be of real benefit to people.



We now enjoy a new and constantly increasing array of communication devices and everyday electronic tools. These "tools" are embedded in our everyday lives, and we embed them with instructions about our "care and feeding" to make our lives better in some fashion. We can use these tools to communicate information about disasters in real time to all of those in danger.


It is now time to put detection, analysis, and early warnings together in one single system.

We have the ability to greatly reduce the effects of disasters on lives and property

with effective early warnings. Let us start now.

Thank you. The Disaster Warning Network, Inc.


Disaster Early Warning Philosophy


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